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Posted on: Monday, June 20, 2011

We love our location, it's off the beaten path. We are located off the 101 just right outside of 'downtown'. We like to call our area Slo Ho. Recently, we had a lovely customer that is 90 years old, born and raised in San Luis, tell us that she had never heard of Walker St....not promising in our book.


Some people say that they use Walker as a 'short cut' to avoid a few lights on Higuera. We are one buisness among many in this area, we are all locally owned, there is plenty of parking, and have regular customers that keep us company. We are in the parking lot of Quality Fabrics, down the street from Ben Franklins sandwich shop, and we would love to meet and greet you!


One more time, we are now open on Fridays also, and if you see the doors open during our non-regular hours, come on in, you are certainly welcome!

As one of us says, we love Slo Ho, because we don't have downtown manners!


  1. oh my goodness - -- SLOHO! perfect! p e r f e c t! SLOHO! I can't wait what happens from here...

  2. So, here is the scoop... if Judy loves it and Diana loves it - you are there! Where? Right where it matters. Yeah!

  3. ...and you're next to the slo green drycleaners and smiling dog yoga and roxanne's cafe (which is at smiling dog yoga). all my fave places. i love the slo ho neighborhood! (i miss seeing you guys...fireball judy has had my budget stretched...after the first of july i'm home free though!) :)


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