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Customer Spotlight: Makers & Allies

Posted on: Friday, June 26, 2015

We often see interior designers pop in and out of our store looking for unique items to add to their current project. It was a treat to see Sarah and her crew from Makers & Allies hand picking pieces for the latest restaurant in San Luis Obispo, Foremost Wine Co. Makers & Allies is a design and branding studio producing exclusively for the wine, craft and spirits industry (take a gander at their newly launched website, it's a dream) Today, Sarah shares about how she is inspired by Ruby Rose...

all post photos by Mark Gvazdinskas of Silent Photography

Makers & Allies was inspired by Ruby Rose while putting the finishing touches on the interior at Foremost Wine Co. We chose pieces that enhanced the raw, earthy quality of the space, while also incorporating accents that gave a pop of color or ornate detail. We used two green chairs in the lounge which added a funky pop of color and didn't break our budget so we could spend a little more on the larger custom built pieces. The mirrors in the wine bar were a great addition to create an intimate space over each bar table, and also add an ornate detail to the rugged space. It was important for us to balance the masculine with the feminine in the space so it appeals to both sexes.

Once all the furniture was in place we were able to find some great shelf and table decor pieces from Ruby Rose... like that metal tray on the coffee table with the antler and John James Audubon books. The owner has a winery, Tooth & Nail Winery in Paso Robles, and their wine labels include a lot of Audubon animals, so it was very fitting to incorporate those with a small antler to tie in to the Foremost brand. We used a metal box to hold a lot of the business cards and print materials on the hostess stand. Even picked up a succulent with a small plastic stag for fun. Everything we chose from Ruby Rose has a purpose (and probably had a different purpose in a past life). All those little details add character, spark a conversation and enhance the Foremost brand and environment.

Weekly Six: 6.24

Posted on: Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Before we open our doors for the week, check out our top six vintage picks. We constantly update our inventory, and we want to keep you in the loop of the new things coming in! So, without further adieu, we bring you:

1: Summers are for exploring. These vintage atlases will get you where you need to go, and look go doing it.

2: Life in a glass house for this little deer. A vintage vessel filled with fresh plants make for one eye-catching centerpiece, and it's all ready to go!

3: Sssssizzling Ssssssssssummmer nights mean light, flowy clothing and sparkling accessories. Take this diamond-filled snake, for instance--he's a great companion AND conversation starter.

4: Speaking of light, flowy clothing--may we suggest this crocheted maxi cover up? Free People brings their unique details to this piece with waist-cinching tassels and slits for easy walkability.

5: Summer means getting, and staying, close to water. Pack your towel, book, sunblock and shades in this vintage crocheted purse--it'll keep you company as you get that tan on.

6: Whether your days are spent in the sandbox or the sandy beach, these vintage trucks will lend hours of entertainment. Made tough to last long, they are excellent sandcastle demolishers.

Welcome, Summer

Posted on: Friday, June 19, 2015

The best summers are often not about where you go, but how you go--and who with. The talk around here lately centers around the newfound warm days and our summer plans. 

As we approached our new store displays for the season, we decided to follow a common thread: the great outdoors and our environment. We wanted to bring the outdoors, indoors--to show that a simple pb&j picnic can be just as good as a catered one, with the addition of a good blanket and companion. However basic your plans may seem this weekend, check out our new SUMMER REVEAL for a little added inspiration...

Weekly Six: 6.17

Posted on: Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Before we open our doors for the week, check out our top six vintage picks. We constantly update our inventory, and we want to keep you in the loop of the new things coming in! So, without further adieu, we bring you:

1: Feel like your camping every morning, sipping on your brew, with one of these vintage tin mugs. Better yet, pack your tent and flannel, and get these on your way out of town this weekend--it is summertime, after all.

2: Type, set, match. Like a good record player, it's hard to write on anything else once you've written on a typewriter. This stunning trio has many a letter under their belt, and have many more to go. Now to find a penpal...

3: If you've never sat in one of these chairs, you are long overdue. Made for sitting awhile--be it around a dining table or on a back porch at sunset, you can cozy in to these for hours. Oh, and don't get us started how good they look, too...

4: Nothing says summertime like a shell chandelier. And this one screams it. At more than two feet tall, it stands out in a crowd like a model on a runway, larger than life.

5: Been searching for your summer staple? This striped denim sundress will carry you right into the Fourth and long into August without getting old. 

6: Let the men have their tool boxes and tool belts--this tulle leather clutch is girls only. Classic, stylish and oh so handy on days (and nights) out and about.

Getting Graduated

Posted on: Friday, June 12, 2015

Whether graduating from high school or from your college program, crossing the finish line is one big accomplishment. Take a moment, and take it all in--congratulate yourself. You. Did. It. Such a proud moment deserves a pause, a high five and a celebration. 

Well done, grads, we are so so proud of you!!

Weekly Six: 6.10

Posted on: Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Before we open our doors for the week, check out our top six vintage picks. We constantly update our inventory, and we want to keep you in the loop of the new things coming in! So, without further adieu, we bring you:

1: Buy it, fold it and unfold it, change it, use it and reuse it. An ingenious invention--a folding picnic table! Fits in tight spaces and big--and doubles as extra seating or extra table space.

2: Graduating this weekend? Don't let the scary world of adulthood get you down--protect your dreams with this delicate pair of dreamcatcher earrings.

3: Remember those days galloping across a lawn with your closest friends? Well, this metal figure should jog your memory. Comes complete with welded wall mounts!

4: A perfectly rusted set of four, these chairs are summer ready. Time to make some custom cushions and lemonade...ahhhhhhhhhh.

5: Need a wedding dress that goes with any color scheme? This brand new Free People sundress has it all--bold and muted colors, sequins, floral prints and lace--don't miss this dress.

6: How can we be so lucky?? Our thought every time we walk by this tapestry wonder. Backed with wood and wire, this Indian carpet is ready for you to feel the same around your place.

Customer Spotlight: Tinker Tin Trailer Co.

Posted on: Monday, June 8, 2015

If you need a smile on your face or some sunshine in your day, say hi to Jaime of Tinker Tin Trailer Co! Today, she shares with us a recent photoshoot she styled and coordinated, and we were so honored to offer our clothes for the fun!

Wardrobe: Ruby Rose
Flower Crowns: Huckleberry Market
Dream Catchers: Charlie's Web
Set/Styling: Tinker Tin Trailer Co.

This photo shoot took place at a private ranch in Cayucos. All the models involved are all real life best friends and all went or go to Cal Poly together! These cowgirls all met in one of their AG Science and Ag Business, Dairy Science, Crop Science, or Animal Science majors etc! These girls represent the Central Coast, and our extremely important AG future here, and that makes us soo proud! Some of the girls in the shoot come from deep rooted farming, dairy, and ranching families and it so incredibly beautiful to see them pursuing careers in a field so close to home, and carrying on such an important part of their families history and our local AG history! These girls are badasses to say the least! This group of girls is just as comfortable in dresses and heels as they are working in their majors and getting their hands dirty. That to us sums up the Central Coast!

We at Tinker Tin are so inspired by Ruby Rose, because like this particular group of girls who have created a strong and lasting friendship rooted in tradition and family values, Ruby Rose has single handedly created a similar community based on the same principles...simply by being themselves!

When you walk into Ruby Rose, you instantly can feel the amazing energy...and you can't help but want to feel more of it! The shop oozes warmth, friendship, creativity, self expression, and inspiration! Ruby Rose has given so many locals a place to call "home" without even meaning to do so, by creating so much more than an amazing boutique--creating a place where you can be yourself, and express yourself free of judgement. Come one, come all, be who you be, and love who you are! An extremely talented and crafted eye for design, as well as saving and giving new meaning and life to old items, Ruby Rose is successfully sharing unique stories with the community one funky vintage item at a time...and that to us is so inspirational! 

Surfboards aren't just for Surfing

Posted on: Friday, June 5, 2015

If I carried the keys to Yvon Chouinard’s house—or rather, all of his houses—on my keyring, I’d probably loot his surfboard, too. But I wouldn’t then lend it out to a vintage store, although, I didn’t shape the board. Rick Kluver is guilty of all these things: owning a set of Yvon’s house keys, snatching a board from his home after gifting it to him years earlier, and letting Ruby Rose borrow it this Summer. I suppose you could accuse Rick of being an Indian giver—if he hadn’t replaced the board with a more seaworthy one. Perhaps a little back story to clear the air? I’m glad you asked.

photo: Santa Maria Times

Kluver helped build Yvon’s Hollister Ranch home, entirely out of recycled materials. The concrete stones on the house are old sidewalks, the timber used came from torn down bridges off highway 33—big, huge, 30-foot Sequoia redwood pieces milled 120 years ago. To find lumber this rare and this beautiful is a treasure unto itself. Once construction finished on the property after nearly three years, Yvon gifted the remaining redwood to Rick, who took it home and shaped a surfboard with one of the pieces, gifting it back to Yvon as a housewarming gift. The board hung from the rafters, unglassed, never intended to hit water. 

Back when surfing first began, instead of transporting your long, weighty surfboard (upwards of 120lbs and more than 9 feet long), surfers left them stashed on the beach. And if they weren’t surfing it, their board was up for grabs to groms and others to take out. An avid surfer himself, Rick enjoys functional surfboards as much as the next guy, but he also carries a deep reverence for the original surfers and the beauty of these first wood boards. After moving to California from South Dakota in 1961, Kluver quickly took to the sand and waves. He also developed a taste for wooden surfboards, collecting them up at garage sales and from neighbors for no more than twenty dollars a board. At the height of his collection, he had an inventory of more than three hundred, having scaled back to a current quiver of one hundred or so. Kluver’s appreciation deepened as he adapted his woodworking skills into a shaping hobby—selling beautiful, modern boards reminiscent of their Hawaiian ancestors. And this is where the story starts…

The Malloy brothers, adventurers and friends to Patagonia, and a few others met at Chouinard’s Hollister Ranch property for a fourteen mile paddle board trip. When they found themselves one board short, someone suggested the wood board in the rafters. Eight miles down the coast, the unglassed board had soaked up too much water, and sank. Using their failed adventure as a opportunity, they wrote an article for Surfer’s Journal criticizing the use of surfboards as art, instead of for riding. The foolhardy use of his gift and art ignited Kluver—who, after reading the article, grabbed an identical, fully glassed board from his Cayucos home and drove down to Chouinard’s home, snuck in with his spare keys, and swapped out the boards. His point? A surfboard can function both for sport as well as art. 

The surfboard Rick reclaimed is currently hanging in our store, and it’s as romantic as those first years of surfing were—cut from reclaimed redwood, paying tribute to the preservation and appreciation for our beloved nature. Thank you, Rick, for allowing us to share it for a time.

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