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Shop Small: We're Open!

Posted on: Friday, November 28, 2014

Today is a day for leftovers and family and shopping--locally! We will be open our normal business hours today, as well as tomorrow (11-5:30p) for Shop Small Saturday. If you find yourself in San Luis Obispo, we would love for you stop by, shop, and have some hot cider & cookies on us! For the rest of you out there, we hope you find a way to shop locally and support your small businesses over the holidays--buy local and support the mom and pop business in your community. Have a wonderful weekend!

Where's your favorite local store? 

Weekly Six: Thanksgiving Edition

Posted on: Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It's time for hosting and being hosted--a time for giving lots of thanks for the bounties before us! For our Weekly Six today, we set our own table and picked our favorite things to put the mostest in your hostest. So, without further adieu, we bring you:

1: Oh, for the love of condiments: cranberries, olives, butters, chutneys, roasted pepitas, veggies and more! This is one platter you won't have to pass, for it's got lazy susan bearings. Give it a spin, and let the turkey settle in.

2: What do you think the Pilgrims and Indians used to eat their first Thanksgiving feast with? We're thinking outside the napkin for unique place setting ware--music sheets and vintage flower book pages really spruce up the place settings--and twigs as silverware!

3: This is a holiday for loose fitting jeans and dresses, and comfortable cushions for hours of dining. This pair of plush black chairs are sleek, soft, and easy to clean (kid table friendly)! Bring something to the table that will keep your guests gathered for hours.

4: Nap time! As the tryptophan sets in, lay back into a rich, deep velvet chair. Pull up a side table with some tea and pie, and let your turkey coma take hold, you can do the dishes tomorrow.

5: Lots of family and not enough glassware? With a whole day of feasting, one can never have too many glasses. From water to wine to beer to coffee, we have extras of whatever you need! And they're ones that leave a good impression on your guests--gold details and etched in floral prints. 

6: What's a harvest feast without platters to pass? Silver classes up the table, makes for a beautiful backdrop for yams and potatoes, and holds gravy best! Pick up the right size and shape for your famous Thanksgiving dish and really wow the folks!

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving for our crew to yours--we are so thankful for you. What do you find yourself most thankful for today?

Why We Love Vintage

Posted on: Friday, November 21, 2014

Vintage carries a touch of nostalgia on its back. When we find the perfect piece--perfectly worn and the fit just right--a number of mixed feelings come into play. Our sense of maturity in discovering and pulling off a fashion of old combines with our childlike love for playing dress up, to give a bit more depth and expression to what we wear out into the world. It makes the clothing that much more endearing.

On one of our recent junking trips, I came across this Patagonia jacket from the eighties. It was just exactly like the one I had in my twenties--all but mine had grey lining instead of teal. Finding it brought a rush of good memories back from my travels to Europe one summer--it was my travel coat. It went with me to Belgium to Italy to Greece, a Sound of Music tour in Austria (even though I hadn't seen the movie yet!), mountain biking through the hills of Southern California, and loads of other adventures. And boy were the eighties in full swing: check out those shorts, the hair, those Reeboks!

This found jacket doesn't match my current uniform or look, but it reminded me of my old love who traveled on my back with me years ago--I wonder where my jacket ended up? Ironically, I just put a black Patagonia jacket on my Christmas list--for chilly days at swap meets with friends, making even more memories and adventures.

Slocal Biz: Curio

Posted on: Wednesday, November 19, 2014

While we do not operate on trade or consignment, San Luis Obispo has some great local businesses who do. One of them is Curio Women's Resale, owned and operated by Donna Cody. She is a great friend and colleague to Ruby Rose, and curated a great shop down in the Creamery. Here about her story, and space, here:

Tell us a little bit about Curio—how you got started and what your vision for it was.

I opened the store eight years ago. i love to hunt for stuff—I love flea markets and yard sales, I would always find great items and then they wouldn’t be my size, or I didn’t need it. And then I thought, Gosh, man this is a great item it would be great to have an outlet where I can find stuff I love and pass it on to my customers at a really good deal. I like to be something between a thrift store and a consignment shop: I’m not as expensive as consignment but it should be a little more than a thrift store, because everything is handpicked and just for the store.
I have a couple women that have helped me for a few years find stuff—they sell at the local flea market and they also sell online—they let me handpick all my favorite things from them before they actually go to the flea market. My customers can bring things in and get credit to shop.

What is the process for people bringing items in? Do they need to set up an appointment with you?

We ask them to go to our website now and click on the Trades tab. They can see what we’re doing—whether we’re trading that day, specifically what we need or don’t need, before they actually come in with their items.

How do you like your location in the Creamery?

I picked the location because I think resale shops should be off the beaten path a little bit. Part of the fun of a resale shop is discovering it. And the fact it’s on the corner—I always imagined a little shop on a corner so from both entrances you can see the store. The Creamery doesn’t get a ton of foot traffic, but we have new owners and they’ll be redoing a lot of the Creamery—a courtyard out front with outdoor seating for the restaurants, music venues, etc. They’re working on facelifting the whole place and I want to wait it all out because I hope more people will be interested in having their businesses in here. I like being down here, and though I would sometimes like to be closer to other spots like Ruby Rose, I would be silly to loose this spot. I have yearly people that will come in and say, This is my spot, I’m traveling from San Francisco or LA, and they think it’s a great deal.

Who is your demographic of shoppers?

I actually had a helper one time who kept track of everyone who walked in here—we guestemated their age, whether they purchased or didn’t purchase—just to see. And we have everyone from seventeen year olds to seventy year olds. When we broke them down into ranges, and got to be eighteen to sixty—there was really no difference. I do try to gear towards a young minded person, but I have a lot of women who come in here who are more middle-aged and different sizes who I cater to. If I could pick, I would just have really funky, unique, eclectic fun stuff and not worry about the, Do you have suit for work for me? type inquiries. But I do break it up—I won’t have the suit, but I’ll maybe have a skirt and a jacket you can put together.
The most fun way to do a resale shop is when you get to do all the hunting—when it’s really busy in here I can hire people to be at the shop and I can go out. But having customers bring items in, I still have to like the stuff, see that it has potential. I get to be creative in that way.

Are you a native to San Luis Obispo?

I am—my grandmother who’s 94 used to come to the Creamery with her grandparents when this was actually a creamery (milk processing plant). My family has been here for seven generations. I know that sounds like a lot, but I also have a Native American family who’s from Salinas—that’s my heritage. I’ve take a couple years and been in other places, like in the Bay Area for three years, but this is where is my family and my roots are.

New Biz in Town: Central Coast Archery

Posted on: Friday, November 14, 2014

It was just a few years ago archery found its resurgence from voracious readers' turned hunters. The Hunger Games brought archery back into the pop conscious, only for many of us to realize it has been a prominent sport for many years prior. For the Wilson family, it has been more than a twenty-year-in-the-making dream of opening their own archery shop. Scott and his two sons, Daniel and Joel, have turned the family hobby into their family business, opening Central Coast Archery off Los Osos Valley Road this past September 2014. Here they share their passion with our community through a fully stocked, professionally operated retail archery store and indoor shooting range--offering lessons and leagues to accommodate long time experienced archers as well as those who've only seen bows and arrows in the movies.

We've had the privilege of knowing this SLOcal family for quite awhile as both customers and friends--and are so excited to see this new biz in town (it also seems to pair well with our love of all things Native American). A few of us at the store have a budding skill in archery, while the rest of our crew is looking forward to learning something new!

Have you ever tried your hand at archery? Tomorrow (Saturday, November 15) join Central Coast Archery for their grand opening from 9-5p--free archery and BBQ (don't worry, you won't have to kill your own meat), enter to win a free bow (and more),  and hear from paralympic World Champion Jeff Fabry (10a and 2p). Take home a bull's eye and maybe an arrow or two, and join the fun being had by the Wilsons in their new space! See you there!

Follow this SLOcal biz on Facebook and on Instagram (@centralcoastarchery)

Weekly Six: 11.12

Posted on: Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Before we open our doors for the week, check out our top six vintage picks. We constantly update our inventory, and we want to keep you in the loop of the new things coming in! So, without further adieu, we bring you:

1: Swap your summer shorts for some wooly winter ones and get ready for sunny holidays. We don't trudge through snow around San Luis Obispo, but it doesn't mean we still can't get into the spirit of things!

2: One boot, two boot, red boot, brown boot. We stocked up on our favorite fall essential: knee highs, booties, riders, flats, heels, straps and stitched! Ruby Rose is a firm believer that no closet can have too many boots!

3: Ole! This wall hanging is lightweight-- despite the bull--and full of character. You'll notice our bent towards matadors walking through the store--a glass set, an oil painting, and now this beauty--anyone else share our love??

4: We've had room decor on the brain these days. And what warms up a room and brings the cozy right in? A pelt of course! And we have a basket full of these littles--a cold desk chair warmer, table top decor, a petite welcome mat for weary would you use your pelt?

5: Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? Who me? Keep fresh baked cookies stocked for all your incoming holiday guests and friends in this ceramic squirrel cookie jar. It also doubles as roasted chestnut storage in winter!

6: A place for work, and then a place to shut it all up on vacation days. This secretary desk folds up during tidying and unfolds again when it's time to spread out and get to working!

Junking Trail: Pop Up Vendors

Posted on: Friday, November 7, 2014

Tomorrow is the day we've all been waiting for: the Holiday Junking Trail is upon us! Before you get in your car to go, check out these amazing local Pop Up Vendors. Get that holiday shopping done early, and find something to bring back to your home. See you all tomorrow, 10-4p!

LULAROE SLO @ Olalabella

Meghan, owner of LuLaRoe is premiering her new Fall line: full of  leggings, kimonos, maxi skirts and more! Be sure to check out her qualify, affordable, comfortable, trendy clothing made in California at her pop up boutique.

PENNY & THE HAWK @ Olalabella

Local Lauren Christensen, Lo, will be featuring items from a few of her lines: little girls' turban style head wraps, dress up/birthday crowns, headbands, clips made from new and vintage remnants from her bridal accessory line Lo Boheme--as well as her line of Liberty of London adult ties and kids bow ties. This shop will definitely have plenty of prints perfect for the season and holiday photos/gift giving!


Glitterfarm owner, Jenny, sells junk found and painted, and junk made. She specialize in vintage signs and organic paint--a great buy to help spruce up your items collected on the Trail!


Taylor Kitto has been a long time Ruby Crew member and popped up at our store in the past--we are so excited to have her again! She'll be selling vintage women's clothing, handmade jewelry and vintage menswear, you won't want to miss her style.


A collaboration between wood maker Philip Wahl and designer/stylist Taylor Kitto, they believe in recycling and regenerating old items and giving them a new life. All their creations are made entirely of locally salvaged, sustainably sourced, chemical free wood that range in age, origin, and type. Stop by and get a cutting board or wooden--they make great gifts!


Kristi is a amazing field to vase florist. She'll be selling flowers in reclaimed vessels, flower bouquets, and cards. Pull into Brook's and get a great Fall bouquet!

ELLADOCE @ Village Vintage

Selling Bohemian and vintage jewelry and necklaces, Taryn is returning to the Trail bringing great jewelry for gifting and for getting.

RETROSLO @ DW's ReEntry ReBorn

Our fellow junker and a lover of all things vintage at a great price, owner Jennifer will be pulling up in custom painted trailer selling hats, purses, jackets, dresses, coats, sweaters and others. Let her share her passion for clothes and textiles with you, priced for only $5-10 today and tomorrow!

For more information, check out!

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