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The Ruby Review: No Strings Attached

Posted on: Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No Strings Attached: 3.5 stars

From the trailer, this movie appears to be just another romantic comedy, with a meaningless plot and lots of gorgeous people. But the lack of a date for winter formal led me to this adorable movie! Ashton Kutcher plays the predictable cutie, who seems like an airhead but really has a heart of gold, and Natalie Portman portrays his emotionally guarded childhood friend who can't help falling for him. The first part of the movie is a fun distraction from reality, with the couple 'using each other for sex' and nothing more. But as you can guess, that doesn't work out and it blossoms into a perfect love story. Highlight was the amazing homes they live in and the cars they drive; I guarantee you you'll be jealous. -R.

The Ruby Review: The King's Speech


The King's Speech: 4 stars

Being a teenage girl, this wasn't exactly at the top of my films-to-see list, but it was my mother's birthday, and I can never say no to a movie. I have to say I'm glad I went. The King's Speech may have been predictable but it was truly inspiring. All of the characters were vivid and real, and at many points this very dramatic film made me laugh. Helena Bonham Carter was beautiful and eloquent and Colin Firth did an impeccable job with not only a stutter, but playing King George VI with believability and passion. Go see it! -R.

City to City Junkin' Trail Event

Posted on: Thursday, February 17, 2011

A handful of shops (see poster below) are offering an incentive to make your junkin' a lot more fun! Mark your calendars--this event is taking place on Saturday, February 26th! If you own a store and want to jump on the trail of offerings, leave a comment on this post with your store name, location, and what specials you'll have available.

At Ruby Rose a lot of fun things will be happening. The Junk girls will be joining us and selling their handmade bling and art. There will also be a group of Girl Scouts on the premises (think cookies-- yes, it's that time again!). We'll also have a few edibles for you to nibble on while you shop.

Spied at The Rose

This issue of Spied at The Rose has so much style and love between moms and daughters, as well as a lot of style in details. We love the little girl in the blue Holly Hobbie style dress, which was previously worn by her mom when she was young (so cool that her daughter loves it now). Another fave of ours is Sophie, in her Ralph Lauren sweater and pink tutu! Now that is a gal after my own heart. How lucky we are to have spied all of these beauties in our little shop! --S.

New Spring Hours!

Posted on: Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yes! It is Spring here at Ruby Rose--and that means new hours. We are adding an extra day that you can come see us (more shopping days for you!) and our opening and closing hours are shifting a bit so please take note.

New hours starting this week:

Thursday 11-5
Friday 11-5
Satruday 11-2

Those are the hours that you can always depend on rain or shine. Just to let you know we rarely close at 2 on Saturdays (it ranges anywhere from 3 to 5). We are also always open to appointments, staying open later than our normal hours, opening earlier...whatever you need or may need for guests in town, special occasions, etc. Just give us a call.

Quote of the Week

Posted on: Monday, February 14, 2011

This is the perfect quote, it says it all.

The Alameda Six

Posted on: Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our favorite flea market was finally not rained out this month. It was a clear 70 degree day and three of us represented Ruby Rose. We were all excited. It took one of us about a half an hour to finally focus because it was so overwhelming. Another one of us took off from the crew because the others were moving too slow...and the last one of us kept it cool, although a little common sense slipped her head at one point. For us, this is perfect and normal.

1. This beautiful galvanized tub was our first purchase. There were seven to choose from and this was the lucky one that came home with us. When we went back to pick it up after we finished our rounds, it was sitting alone, all the others gone! Our seller mentioned to us that so many people had tried to buy it. Thank goodness we made up our minds right away!

2. Cake plates. These thick faceted plates are perfect for any table setting--or maybe to make a store bought cake look like a million bucks.

3. Hand-dyed lovelies! These slips are perfect for layering under and over. So current--amazing shades and details.

4. This oval frame with raised glass is amazing on its own, no picture required!

5. Needlepoint pillows are always in style. These large pillows have a mid-century feel.

6. Jenn captures the colors of these flawless beauties perfectly! Not only are these amazing blankets, they are also a work of art.
All images by Jennifer Young of I ART U

The Ruby Review: Blue Valentine

Posted on: Wednesday, February 9, 2011

With the Academy Awards approaching, coupled with the numerous amounts of movies Ruby watches, we thought "The Ruby (movie) Review" would be helpful (or not) and certainly entertaining for all of you. All movie reviews will be written by the Ruby of the Rose. First up, Blue Valentine.

Blue Valentine: 2 stars

Blue valentine was a letdown. From the trailer I expected a more intense, indie version of The Notebook but it was far from that. Ryan Gosling was gorgeous and Michelle Williams was incredibly talented as always, but their characters were disappointing and lacked depth in my opinion. The entire movie jumped around, from fighting parents to unplanned pregnancies to random love scenes. Good movie idea but too many subplots. Highlight was the music, with surprising singing talent from Gosling. On a whole, it was a letdown but not a total waste.

The Weekly Six!

Posted on: Friday, February 4, 2011

1. This dress rocks! Perfect for the Coachella music festival or a stroll on the beach! We may need to interview the new owner of the dress to see that it will get the play it deserves...

2. Books, art supplies, linens, dishes, the options are endless. This vintage cabinet has the patina that would make Martha re-evaluate her greens. Priced at a remarkable $675. What's not to love?

3. Great little boudoir chair, the colors are amazing. If i could sneak this in past my husband, I would keep it. I think he would notice this baby though...

4. This vintage bamboo was love at first sight...reminds me of Hemingway or Out of Africa.

5. Concrete bench--great size and shape. I think many of dreams could be contemplated on this baby.

6. ART!
Images by Jennifer Young of I ART U.

We're open tomorrow from 10-2. See you then!

Local Love: Sally Loo's Wholesome Café

Posted on: Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This magical café is located in the railroad district of San Luis, and is run by the uber-talented husband and wife team Brandon and Jen Manuele. The vibe that they have created comes from their attention to detail, as they are committed to providing the best in local produce, organic spreads, and local talent. I can't even begin to properly describe their amazing baked goods, panini sandwiches, quiche, homemade soups, etc. Oh, and we haven't even mentioned the coffee yet! When you stop by be sure to try the "The Ray of Freakin' Sunshine"--an espresso drink basking in steamed milk, infused with the essence of a fresh orange--mmmmm, so good. A personal fave of mine is the Coco-Mo (it's on the secret menu so ask a barista the next time you're in!). And I can't leave out how incredible their teas and chai's are, oh my! You have to check this place out. Visit their BLOG to see what is going on over at the café. --S.

I forgot to mention that their café is named for their cuddly and lovable pit bull, Sally Loo.

Check out the interview below for a more intimate conversation with owner and brilliant artist of fine cuisine, Jen Manuele.


Ruby Rose: How would you describe your establishment?

Sally Loo's: The neighborhood café we've always wanted. Our homey lil' community.

*above images by Jen Manuele

RR: What is your biggest reward and challenge?

SL: The biggest reward is the crazy amazing web of friends and community we get to have. I probably wouldn't have met you [Stephanie] if not for the café! Crazeballs! Little things like helping throw an event grow into great friendships.

RR: When and where did your love of baking come from?

SL: My love of baking came by osmosis from my amazingly talented mom. My skill set was put to practice in college when my friend Bryant and I would watch the Food Network and we would make dinners together.

RR: You have a successful photography business under your belt and a thriving café--so accomplished at such a young age. What drives you?

SL: It wouldn't have been possible without my parents. They have nurtured my gifts and dreams and lovingly not put up with half-assed living. They continue to help us thrive with their support. Brandon and I are a crazy couple that together take risks we wouldn't dream of if we weren't together. We are just dreamers stupid enough to try.

RR: What was your reaction to SLO being voted "the happiest place" in the country?

SL: My reaction was "Shhh! Don't tell!"

RR: If we didn't find you at the café, where would we find you?

SL: If not at the café I'm probably around the corner at our house. When we do get off the block it's to the beach or Ruby Rose!

RR: What is your guilty pleasure?

SL: Indian food buffet, taking friends to dinner, geeky kitchen gadgets, luxurious salts and vinegars, sneaking off to the city or beach, and going to the Palm Theatre. For Brandon, it's surfing, flea markets, and tools.

images by Jennifer Young of I ART U

RR: What inspires you?

SL: My HAWT friends. The talent! It's insane! My friends could and probably will rule the world! Also, Iphone photos, Iron Chef, Alton Brown, Sally and Banjo kitty, long long drives, train rides, children's imaginations, and traveling to other places.


1804 Osos Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 545-5895

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