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The "Not So" Weekly Six

Posted on: Saturday, February 25, 2012

1. Mid-Century chest--All cedar lined, with a lift top. This is perfect for the space challenged -- T.V. on top, storage inside.


2. Garden department skylight--We have been anxious to add on a garden room and something special to anchor it. This skylight was exactly what we needed! You couldn't ask for a more perfect patina, and size. As much as we love it for garden, can't you see it in the kitchen, over an island??!


3. Lovely little purses--If only these little gems could talk. Can you picture the events and parties they must have gone to??


4. Necklaces-- We picked these necklaces up from the Melrose Trading Post. This vendor had sooo much to choose from. We brought back a handful -- priced from $18-$38!


5. Dress(es)-- we have restocked our clothing racks! With spring!


6. Art--We have to hand it to Kathy in this department! She has the eye for art. These two portraits were scored while up in the Bay Area. We all went to the Alameda flea one weekend, and while perusing, Kim and I turned to look for Kath and she had 4-5 men all around her and her basket of art. They were all intrigued and she took the opportunity to learn from them. She picked their brains on age and canvas and such.


Day 2: 4th St. Retro Row, Long Beach

Posted on: Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Before moving to San Luis Obispo, I lived in Belmont Shore, Long Beach. I loved it. I wanted to share some of my favorite places with Stacy, so this is where we went next.


When I lived there, there were only a handful of stores on 4th street. Now there are blocks of them, most specializing in mid century furniture and accessories, and also vintage clothing stores.

untitled folder 45untitled folder 44untitled folder 46untitled folder 47untitled folder 48

After all the junking we did on Saturday, were we done? Not by a long shot! Before we left, we were armed with a lot of places to check out. Kathy is pretty savvy with L.A. shopping and good food, and she told us about a great breakfast place, Urth Caffé--I believe there are 4 locations. We are already looking forward to a return visit, healthy and delicious food and coffee! Thanks Kathy!!

untitled folder 43


Steve (from the Inn Paradiso post seen here) thought we would all enjoy the Melrose Trading Post which is held every Sunday at Fairfax high school. Thanks Steve!! This flea costs $2 to get in and is a great mix of vintage and art.

untitled folder 42untitled folder 41

This art stopped me in my tracks--it's no mystery which piece i am now coveting, the winnebego of course.


When we asked for a business card, without missing a beat, he sat down, tore the paper and took out his sharpie and drew his card simply and perfectly!


There are so many resources to get info on good places from. We now have Google, Yelp, blogs, magazines and listening to friends and locals of course. On this trip, we used them all. We got lucky on this one!

Day 1: Road Trippin' to the O.C. and L.A.

Posted on: Monday, February 20, 2012

My girl turned 'sweet 16' and she wanted to spend it at Disneyland with two close girlfriends that she grew up with. Good enough reason to get some shopping and inspiration in while the girls did their thing, right? Stacy and I dropped them off in the morning and headed to two shopping areas (aka The Antimalls) in the O.C. that we had read about. Antimalls, meaning there no chain stores--the only exception being urban outfitters, as this was one of the original stores.

One is called 'The Lab' and the other right across the street is 'The Camp'. We were hungry and in need of nourishment so we started at The Camp, and put our names in at The Old Vine Café (thanks to my friend Margaret for the recommendation--she always knows the cool new eateries). We were charmed as we walked up and saw the waiting area--long tables, hammocks, and tractor seats all amongst succulents and tall grasses. The menus were attached to beautiful oil paintings. Stacy is a great travel partner because she loves to share food, which allows us to try different things on the menu! We had the most amazing pumpkin/pecan french toast, and a poached egg dish with parmesean crusted green tomatoes, yummy.


The main store at The Camp is an indie department store called Seed People's Market. I think I walked in through the wide opened glass doors with my jaw dropped. The displays, the art, the layout, and the merchandise choices, dang!


This collage was newspaper cutouts on black and simple white frames. I didnt get pictures of the clothing area, but I was in Patagonia heaven! It was very sporty/outdoorsy oriented, and all very stylish at that.


The one theme that was continued through both Antimalls was the "store within a vintage trailer" theme. Love! We own vintage trailers and are suckers for all things "campy". There was one airstream with a succulent shop, one with all things bicycle, a vintage trailer with a record store, and another with vintage clothes and finds.




One of my favorite things to do is hang out at magazine stands, shops, newstands, book stores...this one was tucked in a lovely sitting area.


I loved that each of the parking spaces had little messages, what a way to start or end the day--with a little ditty!



We can't wait to go back. Stay tuned for day two!

Lets Get the Job Done

Posted on: Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Every so often, I'll get a call from hubby (the contractor) and he'll tell me about something he found or tore out at work that I would love/would be perfect for the store. Sometimes it works out, sometimes...not so much. Recently, he hit it out of the park! This workbench/16-drawer beauty fit us perfectly. We were able to organize all of our hardware, lighting, paper goods, etc. and give them the space they needed for easy shopping.


With Pinterest and all of the home do-it-yourself shows out there, we get a lot of requests for missing pieces for projects.


Typewriters, globes, rulers, lamps, maps...we try to keep these types of things in stock (kind of like how a mini mart needs bottled water and m & m's).


These drawers hold all kinds of ingredients for you.


We love to hear where all these pieces end up. One cutie wanted to make a gift for her boyfriends grandparent's anniversary. She bought a map, made a journal, and marked out important places in their life on the map. We have another customer, Paula of Seven Gypsys, (author of One Lucky Day) who comes in to find pieces for her business of scrapbook art. When we see what she does with her finds at Ruby Rose, we are blown away!

What projects are you working on?

Wanted: A Home.

Posted on: Thursday, February 9, 2012


Help us find this beauty a home!

This couch is one of those pieces that stopped us in our tracks...

the shape, the curved lines, the detailed carvings on the center back...yes!

We love the golden color, and although there is some wear and tear, we love that it gives it a regal feel.

At first, we thought someone could pull an extreme couch makeover...

purple, or green, or cream, or...................?

Then our thoughts shifted to those anthro catalogs...where you see those models on the great furniture.

This would be a perfect piece.

Personally, I see it as a prop for wedding photos...maybe in a grassy field?

And the best part? The couch is only $155!

Color Comes Dancing in at Ruby Rose

Posted on: Thursday, February 2, 2012


This makes me want to move into our store and lay down!


That lamp is the perfect size, yes? Not too big, not too small, but just right.
And the simple shells hanging? They add such delicate music and movement.


A trip back in time...vinyls $5/each.


These simple and fun outfits would be perfect for your spring getaways (as well as Cochella!).

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