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Day 2: 4th St. Retro Row, Long Beach

Posted on: Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Before moving to San Luis Obispo, I lived in Belmont Shore, Long Beach. I loved it. I wanted to share some of my favorite places with Stacy, so this is where we went next.


When I lived there, there were only a handful of stores on 4th street. Now there are blocks of them, most specializing in mid century furniture and accessories, and also vintage clothing stores.

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After all the junking we did on Saturday, were we done? Not by a long shot! Before we left, we were armed with a lot of places to check out. Kathy is pretty savvy with L.A. shopping and good food, and she told us about a great breakfast place, Urth Caffé--I believe there are 4 locations. We are already looking forward to a return visit, healthy and delicious food and coffee! Thanks Kathy!!

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Steve (from the Inn Paradiso post seen here) thought we would all enjoy the Melrose Trading Post which is held every Sunday at Fairfax high school. Thanks Steve!! This flea costs $2 to get in and is a great mix of vintage and art.

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This art stopped me in my tracks--it's no mystery which piece i am now coveting, the winnebego of course.


When we asked for a business card, without missing a beat, he sat down, tore the paper and took out his sharpie and drew his card simply and perfectly!


There are so many resources to get info on good places from. We now have Google, Yelp, blogs, magazines and listening to friends and locals of course. On this trip, we used them all. We got lucky on this one!


  1. not a big steak eater....but LOVE the steak sign! wonderful colorful pics!!

  2. the steak sign in full was Steak O Rama, so cool!! There were so many fun items, most fairly priced to the consumer, just not for re-sale pricing. i want to get back to your store soon!

  3. And I AM coming to your store soon! Will you be around Friday?

    1. yes, 11-5 on friday! we are hosting a bingo party that eve so we will be juggling. i will pick up some treats for us.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Awww, we got stalled in Arroyo Grande and ran out of time! Soon... though

  4. It was a great trip, but I think Feed Store in Long Beach was my favorite. It will have to be a featured stop when start the Ruby Rose Junkin Tours!


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