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New Fliers!

Posted on: Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Out with the old, in with the new...fliers! Find our new fliers around town, or drop by the store to get one, or a few, for you & your friend's fridges.

Lucky Copycat

Posted on: Monday, October 28, 2013

For this Copycat round, we pulled looks from the current issue of Lucky magazine which could easily be worn on San Luis Obispo's streets (and are available in store this week).

our inspiration | Lucky Magazine
our challenge | Kendra Glazebrook

Fall officially landed here at the store, with a cozy rainy day. This means more magazine perusing, a cozy wool sweater, and warm drink in hand for the rest of the afternoon...

Junking 101: Rand McNally & Vintage Maps

Posted on: Friday, October 25, 2013

For those of you addicted to the vintage treasure hunt, we bring you our series on knowing a bit more about your valuable finds. Junking 101 posts will focus your eye in on items that have stories to tell in history, and when to spot a truly unique lovely! It's gold, Jerry!

classroom wall map at Ruby Rose | photo cred: Kendra Aronson
These days, our Google maps and GPS systems direct us around town and around the world, surveying the land from satellites high above us. But remember back to atlases, AAA maps, and the pull-down maps in your school classrooms? Though it is unlikely we will be unfolding a county map to get directions to a friend's house in Shell Beach any time soon, these tangible maps still catch our eye and gather in our collections. They inspire the pioneer spirit of discovery and adventure, and hold lasting attraction as amazing works of art!

Newman's CA Missions map | photo cred:
Blum's CA Bicycle road map | photo cred:
The first maps were engraved on wood blocks during the Age of Exploration (15th-16th centuries), as explorers (Columbus among them) dispersed to the undiscovered lands. Thanks to Martin Walsdeemuller for putting us on the map-in 1507 he drew the first true world map and was the first to label the New World America! Then came Sebastian Munster's Cosmographia (1588), one of the most popular books of this era, describing the world through cartography. From here, and with advanced printing methods, maps move from elite ownership into the hands of the people-and the wanderlust spreads!

Sebastian Munster's Cosmographia | photo cred:
Fast forward to our American roadmap friend, William Rand, a man dedicated to printing maps. In 1856, he opened up a print shop in Chicago, a couple years later hiring Andrew McNally to help man the presses. An iconic partnership is formed, and in 1872 Rand McNally print their first map. During the Great Chicago Fire, Rand even buried his machinery in the sand to keep them safe from the flames!

maps at Ruby Rose | photo cred: Betsi Clark
atlases from Ruby Rose | photo cred: Betsi Clark

If you have a pull-down map hanging around, chances its maker is AJ Nystrom & Co, America's oldest producer of classroom wall maps. They began on April 1, 1903 (no foolin'!). And James Wilson was the first American globe maker, making his first in 1810! Take a look at your globe: ones with a full meridian (metal ring circling it) are considered more valuable than those with a semi-ring. Use this handy reference to determine how old is your globe?

Maps change and improve as cartographers better understand the world, relying too heavily on them may lead you to nonexistent streets or to thinking California is an island! Remember to always let your conscience by your guide, not your 1650 atlas.

Vingboon's map | photo cred:
I love this quote by Clara Webb: "we need to know where things are—geography starts with that—but it doesn't stop there." So spin your glove, point your finger, and take off to wherever it lands...

RubyRoseMaps video | videography & editing: Betsi Clark | music by: Fialta

Parent & Family Weekend

Posted on: Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Psssst, boys & girls, listen up! We want to welcome you new Freshman students to our quaint town of San Luis Obispo! Bring your folks to Ruby Rose this Friday October 25th 11 - 5 & Saturday October 26th 11 - 4ish during Cal Poly's Parent & Family Weekend and we will give you $10 off your purchase! It's that simple :) Go Mustangs!
vintage postcard: "California Polytechnic School, near San Luis Obispo, California."
vintage postcard: "Higuera Street, San Luis Obispo, California."
vintage postcard: Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, California 

Follow us on instagram! @rubyrose805

Posted on: Monday, October 21, 2013

Do you like lovely photos and punny captions? Well, we have just the thing for you > get your daily dose of Ruby Rose by following us on instagram (@rubyrose805)! We post our flea finds, our current store displays, our latest lovelies, and more! If you'd like to hashtag your photos with outfits, goodies, and home furnishings found at Ruby Rose we would love to feature you here on the blog (#rubyrose805). xo, Ruby Rose.
instagram: @rubyrose805 #rubyrose805

Meet our crew

Posted on: Friday, October 18, 2013

We are quite the crew! Ruby Rose wouldn't be complete without everyone below! Say hello next time you are at the shop, we would love to meet you - xoxo the Ruby Crew

Vintage Travel Pennants

Posted on: Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Vintage travel pennants can add character to any room with their simple graphics, brightly colored typography, and soft felt texture. They have a way of inducing nostalgia, tugging at our inner wanderlust, and relishing past adventures. Remember back in the day when travel pennants were sold at local corner stores, gift shops, and souvenir stands? They served as a little token - a tangible treasure - to remind us of our childhood field trips, our family road trips, and our dreamy holiday vacations. To this day, they still evoke the excitement of exploring and sightseeing. We currently have quite a few charming vintage travel souvenir pennants at the shop, come have a look. We'd love to hear a fond memory you have of pennants, tell us at Ruby Rose or leave a comment below. Happy travels!
Vintage Souvenir Travel Pennants.
Photo credit: Kendra Aronson.

Snapped, SLO Street Style

Posted on: Monday, October 14, 2013

These last couple weeks we took to our streets, in search of trendy locals-and we found a ton! It took a jaunt down Farmers to capture most of these beauties, and discovered many of you wearing Ruby Rose apparel. We had such a blast checking out our well-dressed town: dust off your fall boots and sweaters, you may be the next one snapped!

Heading to a concert, August decided to sport his "best-fitting flannel" found at Ruby Rose.
We loved Charlotte, a Cal Poly transfer student, with her relaxed style and sweet smile scouting fruits and veggies at Farmers.
Not only can Emily arrange a sweet outfit, she can also arrange a beautiful anniversary bouquet at Fluid Bloom-and did so earlier that day for Ruby Rose owner, Stephanie's, husband!
Even the professors dress well-rhetoric and public speaking instructor, John Patrick, strolls down the streets of his new home here-he seems to fit in just fine.
So many stylish students! Hayley became the envy of her fellow freshmen girl friends when we asked to snap a picture of her classic dress and boots.
We finish back at our store, with the always adorable and our faithful customer, Abby. It is always a treat to see what she puts together.

Hot of the press

Posted on: Friday, October 11, 2013

We've slowly been revamping our blog - have you seen our new Press page? We've been mentioned by Flea Market Style, New Times SLO, Rachel Ashwell, Lisa Leonard, and California Flea Market Show! Read the lovely words below:

Flea Market Style
We were honored to be featured in the September 2013 issue of Flea Market Style magazine in their Wine Country Wanderings guide to the Central Coast of California! "We kicked the shopping into high gear at Ruby Rose. The inventory is charming - and the selection of vintage clothing is impressive - but what really sets this store apart are the artful, fun displays. Taylor made herself part of one, doing her best impression of a princess by donning a tiara and pink 1950s gown and camping out beneath a makeshift tent of vintage linens."

New Times SLO: Best of SLO County 2013
Aw shucks, we are blushing! We were voted Best Antique Shop in San Luis Obispo by New Times "What separates a great antique store from a good one? Not being a slave to tradition. "We're antique, but on the side of vintage," explained proprietor Stephanie Hendry, who named the store after her daughter. "A lot of people think antique and think 100 years old, but we have things from the '60s and '70s too. I'm a huge fan of the '70s." You can find old globes, old flags, old maps, home furnishing, vintage clothing and jewelry, Western boots, tooled leather. Don't be surprised if every time you go in it feels like you're visiting a new store, since Hendry says it "changes weekely." For instance, the film Moonrise Kingdom charmed Hendry, so she set up a vintage tent filled with vintage camp gear. "Most items we find on the road. We love road tripping and the experience of being on the road. I'd describe the store as very eclectic and very curated. Follow her road adventures at"

Rachel Ashwell
We were absolutely over the moon when we were featured in Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Couture blog! Meeting darling Rachel in real life was a dream, we couldn't believe it! "The name of this store alone was enough to spark my curiosity....just up the road in San Luis Obispo but then to arrive with roses, shortbread cookies, and tea in a real tea cup. Ahhhhhhhh. A lovely group of ladies headed by Stephanie. They were excited to meet me, as I was them. I always find new stores off the beaten path exciting. I bought some old LPs for my kids, a bright red glass light for inspiration and a funny little painting. Some treasure come in disguise, and some more obvious. This little shop is full of charm and soul and I could have stayed and chatted for some time to come, but I did have a destination to get to."

Lisa Leonard Blog
Lisa Leonard makes line creates simple, lovely, personal jewelry; she runs a blog; and she is a full-time mama! She is an absolute sweetheart and has been our cheerleader for years. Thank you Lisa! She has featured us in the following stories on her blog > September 2013・Ruby Rose and Fall Collection, June 2013・Hello Monday (Ruby Rose, Poland, & other things), June 2013・Hello Monday (Remnants of the Past), February 2013・5 Local Hot Spots in San Luis Obispo, May 2012・Hello Monday (Ruby Rose Edition), May 2011・So Much Fun at Ruby Rose, and April 2011・Let's Hang Out!.

California Flea Market Show
"I do not enjoy shopping for clothes but you get me anywhere near a vintage or antique store, I am smitten. One of my goals is to visit every antique and vintage store when I travel in California. The old fashioned brick and motor type. Remember them? I think that we become so enthralled by seeing everything we could dream or wish for online that sometimes I think we forget the charm and enjoyment we receive when we can see the wonderful creativity of a store that has been merchandised lovingly by the handpicked items purchased by the owner. So, here I go. Ruby Rose located in the SoHo area of San Luis Obispo, CA is one of those stores that you have to make sure that you visit frequently because Stephanie constantly is restocking the store with wonderful treasures that she has collected on her travels. Not only can you spend hours in this little store just looking at the vintage furniture, maps, hardware, linens and vintage clothing but also spending time with Stephanie and her amazing team just shooting the breeze about all things we love, junking trips, family, friendships, food and just about anything that jumps to mind is shared at Ruby Rose. Recently, Ruby Rose was featured in the recent Flea Market Style Magazine. Next time, you are visiting San Luis Obispo, CA, be sure to stop by a see the Girls at Ruby Rose and pick up a treasure or two."

Three Speckled Hens Recap

Posted on: Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Did you make it to the Three Speckled Hens this weekend?! We were there on Sunday checking out all the goods and saying hello to our dear friends! If you missed the show here is some great eye candy for you to drool over! Did you find anything good? We'd love to hear about it in the comments section. Make sure to mark your calendar for next year: May 3 & 4 2014, we can't wait!

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