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The Six

Posted on: Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Remember The Weekly 6? We're ba-ack!

This week we have some really fun pieces along with some old faves.
First up, we have these truly amazing cast aluminum ornate church lighting fixtures.
The patina, size, weight, style of these are a steal at $475 a piece. 
They were salvaged from a basement of a church in Oakland.
They can be wired or used in any number of ways.


Next up is this mid-century table by Jens Risom.
Pronounced 'Yens', he was a Danish American designer that first came on the scene in the early 1940's.
For years he teamed with Hans Knoll until the late 40's, when he launched Jens Risom Designs, JDR.
In the 50's, after years of home furniture, he changed his focus to office, hospital and library furniture.
One of his chairs was used by Lyndon B. Johnson in the oval office. 
We cant say for sure when this table was designed, or where or what it was designed for, but
we do know that we are lucky to have it to enjoy until it finds a new home!!

Deconstructed Furniture--once we saw the spread on this in Restoration Hardware, we were hooked line and sinker!

Screen Shot 2012-07-31 at 4.24.33 PM

At Alameda, we spied this loveseat in one of the last booths we hit. This is definately a look you either love or you just don't get it. We love the original touches of this beauty.


These pillows along with a few more are upcycled from vintage rugs. They add a beautiful rich touch to furniture or it will provide itself as a piece of art.


We are constantly adding to our collection of tooled handbags along with suede and woven. Sll shapes, sizes and eras.


Boots boots boots. Simple at that, timeless, leather, and perfectly worn in.  


The Rubinistas (or as Joan Rivers would say, "That b!^@% stole my look!".)

Posted on: Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Have you ever looked at an ad in a magazine and gotten lost in it? While flipping through a Lucky magazine the other day, we did just that. We found ourselves thinking, "Hey, we have that look!" or "We can pull that off for a lot less!".

Growze_Lucky Magazine_July 2012_Cover

Many of  these ad photos and looks are really not a dream away, but right here at Ruby Rose--whether it's Ralph, Miss Me or J. Crew. So after being lost in the ads, we found ourselves again and knew what we had to do. We rang Jenn Young (our amazing photographer) and Kelsea, Riley and Hayden (our in-house models), and came up with our very own production of  Pageant of the Masters. 

Bohemian, the Premium, the Prairie Girl and the Prepster...we got our game on. The results were brilliant if we do say so ourselves!


...and the look below? It's one of our faves!


Thank you girls for the giggles and for helping us out on a moments notice!!

A Happy Wrong Turn

Posted on: Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On Monday, the mister and I had to drive up to Berkely for a 911 root canal for Ruby. She's been in school there and it was bad timing for her tooth to scream out. On our way there, we missed our turnoff and found ourself having to cross the bridge and come back. While heading back, our gas warning light flashed on. At what age do we have it all together? We had a map, our iPhones with maps, and the mister and I each had cash for gas???? Well this is where serendipity came in. We made it across and turned off on Ashby and there was a gas station and da da da (!!!), the Urban Ore Salvage Yard!! We hadn't been there in years!! 

We only had a few minutes since we were on a 911 call, but it was the big one, and come on, what would you do??? Well we stopped, a really super quick stop. Here is what we spied:

Doors, windows, shutters, tubs, sinks, hardware, etc etc etc. We've been to a handful of salvage yards and the more organized and perfect, the more the price reflects.  At Urban Ore, it is really a dig, navigate and load on your own operation. There are helpful people to answer questions and direct you, and the prices are definitely fair to good. 

Summers with Ruby

Posted on: Monday, July 2, 2012

This summer is going to be much different than summers in the past... 
We have spent most summers hooking up the trailer and hitting the road.


If we weren't discovering history or roadside attractions, we were junking.


Last summers the tides were a changing when Ruby announced that she was going to raise a pig and compete at the fair. Hmmm, OK. It turned out to be a lot of work and a lot of fun. 


This summer, she is going to spend a month at Berkeley. Hmmm, OK. Our offspring, families, and friends are all a changing. What can we do? Pull out the humor card and support card is what we have planned. This month we are going to re-group at Ruby Rose, re-organize and replenish.


We hope your summer is as you hope it to be!

Side note. Do I worry that Ruby and John will be a bit miffed that these photos were posted? 
Not a bit, as most of the family and close friends don't really fead what I write. They are there to keep it real.

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