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The Rubinistas (or as Joan Rivers would say, "That b!^@% stole my look!".)

Posted on: Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Have you ever looked at an ad in a magazine and gotten lost in it? While flipping through a Lucky magazine the other day, we did just that. We found ourselves thinking, "Hey, we have that look!" or "We can pull that off for a lot less!".

Growze_Lucky Magazine_July 2012_Cover

Many of  these ad photos and looks are really not a dream away, but right here at Ruby Rose--whether it's Ralph, Miss Me or J. Crew. So after being lost in the ads, we found ourselves again and knew what we had to do. We rang Jenn Young (our amazing photographer) and Kelsea, Riley and Hayden (our in-house models), and came up with our very own production of  Pageant of the Masters. 

Bohemian, the Premium, the Prairie Girl and the Prepster...we got our game on. The results were brilliant if we do say so ourselves!


...and the look below? It's one of our faves!


Thank you girls for the giggles and for helping us out on a moments notice!!


  1. Sooooo fun, and love the models!!

  2. Looking great! This is Rachel - I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the dress I got from Ruby Rose is going off to get the neckline altered by a local seamstress, because I'm thinking it would serve as the perfect summer wedding dress :)

    If I do use it I will be sure to post some pictures! Thanks again for operating such a great little shop.


  3. This was great! Call my gorgeous Shea when you need another hot model! She loved your shop, and is most definitely a fashionista with great taste, so I knew she would. I'll bring her again. It's the first time I've found a shop that she thought was cool too. Got to hold on to those rare scores! xo

  4. fabulous! brilliant idea and it turned out perfectly!

  5. dianne, judy and stacy, thank you soooooo much, youre why we do this biz. rachel, cant wait to see your new dress in person or photos! weve enjoyed getting to know you and pam, i know all too well what you are talking about, always a challenge to find shops that ruby and i enjoy together.


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