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We Spy!

Posted on: Thursday, March 29, 2012


It's no surprise that we adore Taylor from The Little Deer. Have you seen her blog? It is full of inspiration, beauty, and style...oh, the style! Taylor helps us at The Rose from time to time with styling. She has such a great eye!


Speaking of style, would you look at her?! The polka dot top is from The Rose and boy does she make it look good!! See where her other pieces are from, here.


Posted on: Monday, March 26, 2012

There is no suprise here at The Rose, that we can find a reason to celebrate a season or an event
with all of the spring and summer music festivals, concerts and holidays on the horizon.


We thought that we better get on the outfit hunting and do the work for you!
Cinco de mayo is upon us--which is when us Americans like to celebrate the Mexican eats and drinks (did someone say chips and guac??), so we are ready to outfit and set the atmosphere.


The details and color in the embroidery are perfectly perfect!


We have taken a few of the traditional dresses and hemmed them to the perfect length.


When you see these, you can really tell the difference in the vintage pieces from the now produced pieces.The cotton and the embroidery floss is much heavier and rich.

For spring/summer, we have been picking up our 'always in stock' boots in colors!
We still have the beautiful browns and blacks, but added a splash of color when we can.


It could be the 70's in us, or the fact that we love the fabric bags, cottons, wools, colors, slings, love love love!


Great colors in woven blankets, leather hats, long layered necklaces...we are stocked.
These wonderful mohair covered chairs have just been reduced to $40 each! Great extra seating with style. OLÉ!


Spring Meadows

Posted on: Thursday, March 8, 2012


The wildflowers have begun to show and daylight savings is upon us.


We think she's a beautiful painting for your dressing room or boudoir...
She looks like she's not sure what to wear either, but with a little help from Ruby Rose, she can transition from sweaters to soft pastels, floor length maxis and the perfect top for your favorite denim.


Not Your Typical White Elephant Sale

Posted on: Thursday, March 1, 2012


We've been hearing about this "White Elephant Sale" for a few years. Our friend shirley, who resides in Oakland, volunteers for the organization that puts on the sale, The Oakland Museum.


What we've heard was that this was a once-a-year event, at a huge warehouse with many departments, pre-sale tickets are involved, yada yada. Our friend Shirley is actually Stacy's mom (and our hotel accomadation when we go to The Alameda Flea), and as we talked more and more about it, it was apparent that if we were going to claim to be 'junkers', we better check this out. Jenny of Glitterfarm, came to The Rose to do some motivating and next thing we know, we were on for a road trip the next day!


It was definately epic! The warehouse spanned a full city block, filled with donations that had come in for an entire year. The space was broken down into departments and there were deals! Organization, yes! Deals, yes!

We were there on their "friends and family" days so it wasn't as packed as the pre-sale day. Word on the street is that on those days there are upwards of two to three thousand people--yes, you read right, thousands! To get in on those days, you have to pre-pay $15, or $20 at the door just to get in. Do the math, that's a lot of money without even opening the doors!


There is a rules and regulation handout and also a map of the warehouse departments that you pick up when you first get in line. OK, we were all getting excited now.

Jenny thought that she would head for home and garden department, I was searching for art and Stacy was...hmm I forget now. I think it was a full 2-3 hours before I even ran into Jenny again! Every so often I would have to call Stacy to come and rescue me from overwhelming desicions.


What I loved as much as all the amazing merchandise, was the organization that had gone into this event. The volunteers were all assigned a department and they only worked that given department. They knew their stuff and were so helpful. I seriously can't believe we have to wait a whole 'nother year for our next visit!

Now it's your turn...the sale is open to the public this weekend--March 3rd and 4th. Don't miss out! Check their website here for more details.

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