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Who Knew?!

Posted on: Friday, July 29, 2011

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Sometimes we are just like our parents, and sometimes...we are opposite. This week, my girl is proving an opposite and teaching me so much along the way. I mentioned earlier in the season that Ruby had chosen to raise a pig for the Mid State Fair. She and her dad took the challenge on and with help and advice from her friends, they raised a winner! Ruby shared a pen all season with her bestie Riley, they grew up together and so did their pigs, Bill and Fill (full name Fill-Up). The pigs sure clean up well!

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At first we thought we saw a really bad hair-do (bottom right image), but then later while we were cruising, we realized it was a crazy hat (top right)! We still have a few days left at the fair and will come home with a lifetime of memories!


  1. Sounds like she did well. Was this her first time, we have been doing it for the past few years and my kids love it. Hope she had a really good time and will do it agian. Job well done!


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