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Is This Normal?

Posted on: Thursday, July 28, 2011

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OK, so I shared with you that my mind has been on vacation. I thought I'd share a little 'funny' with you to see what I am dealing with upstairs in this brain of mine.

I went to my favorite cafe, Sally Loo's, to meet two of my favorite people for a little breakfast slash event planning. After we were done, two hours later, I was walking to my car talking to John on the phone and I couldn't find my keys.

I looked in the car and...yep, there they were! John says "call AAA, that's why we pay the big bucks". After groaning a bit, I decided to check the door...and yep, it was open. And then, I noticed something..."John, gotta go, call you back later".

I couldn't believe it! The motor was still running! Yep, I parked it and apparently just walked away. Almost ran out gas!

Ha! Now you know what I'm dealing with. "This too shall pass", I keep reminding myself. I must say, I can now understand how people leave their kids in the car. Just sayin'...


  1. :) welcome to my world! The glorious fifties! I am quite the talk at Petit lately as I continue to leave the keys in the door to our wine storage and the door left wide open - then I run around wondering where I left the keys.....
    I am looking forward to Nattie's Art after Dark at R ROSE!
    All well with Bill?

  2. as i talk to women about this craziness, they say that the memory will come back as we pass through this wonderful phase in life. the hope of it is keeping me sane! also, apparently bill is a show off, he took 2 first place ribbons and reserve champion! who knew!

  3. OMG, OMG,
    what is coming over us????
    While I've not done this particular trick
    there have been other times that my mind seems to have disappeared
    Hey, I'm waaay past any certain time in life.
    oh, dear . . . .
    just remembered I'm doing laundry. must run . . . .


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