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Posted on: Thursday, May 3, 2012

Most days, we are entertained and charmed by our customers. This duo does just that--they are charming and stylish! Meet Annie and Emma.

 13 part 1

These gals come in and pick out great combos of outfits and styles. One time, we suggested that they should do a photo shoot for us in our clothes. Here is what they shot. 


Ruby Rose: Where do you shop?
Emma: The swap meet, Urban Outfitters, Ruby Rose
Annie: Thrift stores Free people


RR: If you had no budget, where would you shop? 
Emma: Free people American Apparel 
Annie: Free People


RR:What are you listening to?
Emma; Regina Spector, Moddest Mouse, The kills, Yuck, She and him
Annie; Radiohead,  The black keys, The smiths Regina Spector


RR: Have you been friends long? 
Two-ish years


RR: Any summer plans?
Emma & Annie: OUTSIDE LANDS 


  1. Cute girls. Is that a gum wall I spy? So gross, but also intriguing.

  2. Great Post! I remember being that age! Love the clothing and the great locations in SLO!

  3. yes it is a gum wall and yes it is gross. especially in the summer.
    i cant tell you how many people come to our town and ask where the gum wall is.
    you never know...
    and yes, i remember that age, although i dont remember being any where near as savvy as teens are today!


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