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Country Living?

Posted on: Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jenn, my beautiful talented partner in this blogging world emailed me this morning, "Any posts for this week?" I had been on a much needed four full days off, and was committed to getting my house, yard, garage, and self in working order. "Uh, no I don't." Dang, I have been thinking non-stop about work, but only in the year-end, inventory, bill-paying way...not in a creative or filled-up way.

While running errands, I stopped in Barnes & Noble for a magazine/book fix. This is a story of how my 'ah' turned into 'ugh'.


...And this is where my rant starts. If you ask Kathy, Kim or Jenni about my rants, they will roll their eyes like I am craaazy! They usually stop me before I get this far, but Kathy is away being a baby nurse, Kim is also enjoying days off, and Jenni is with her boys.

Anyways, I pick up the first magazine I purchased, Country Living, which is odd, because I haven’t bought this mag in maybe a year. I sit down to relax and read, and OK, here it comes...out of the first 38 pages, 23 of those are ads, and 11 of them are medically related! I look at the cover to make sure it wasn't a health related issue...nope it's not. This is messing with my relaxing, inspiring afternoon. Throughout the remainder of the issue, there are 12 more medically related ads for a whopping 23!


So as I am looking to be inspired but I am now stressed out about: lung function, COPD, joint damage, depression, heart palpitations, the flu, arthriitis, osteoarthritis, heartburn, cholesterol, etc. There is also info on a metabolism boosting powder for my 'bikini plan' (dang, I hadn't started to even think about my 'bikini plan!'). There is also vaginal cream (we wont even go there), and finally on page 129 of 134 pages, there is a correction tucked back there to straighten out a 'wrong impression' that Boniva may have given in regards to postmenopausal osteoporosis!! I realize that magazines must sell ad space, but this is decorating/recipe magazine. Come on, guys.


Ok, that felt good.

Kathy, Kim and Jenni, I want you to know that this was the edited version. You were fortunate to not hear the full rant.


  1. i hear yer rant! this is the issue that has me canceling my subscription which is a shame since the med ads are probably predominant due to lack of moolah from other companies and the decline of subscriptions. zoinks! i also was really, really bummed to find that the last issue of BUST i purchased had 2 very large cigarette ads in them. What? what a buzzkill...

    uh...Happy New Year? I hope yer car, house, garage and self are all in working order soon!

  2. I too am seriously SICK of it. The only thing on diets around here are my magazines! They are ridiculously skinny and filled with ads. ERRRGH! If they want us to keep our subscriptions, they better do a helluva lot better job actually putting some CONTENT (what we purchase them for) in them!
    Thanks for the rant...Im glad I am not the only one ;)

    ps - what the heck is Almased???!! I think anyone would be skinny after that diet - yikes.

  3. Lol, I guess that's why I've been letting subscriptions expire :) There is just so much ad free inspiration here in blog land, that I don't seem to be reading them very often anyway.
    Your post made me smile :)

  4. And I just bought this issue tonight. Oh man.

  5. i agree, blogs are endless with inspiration. i still miss the days of country home, ME home companion and many more. i really need to learn to embrace change, i am just plain old school!

  6. With ya!

    And what the crap is that bikini plan?!?!?!? I'd rather not wear one and enjoy my life AND food!

  7. 8 Tablespoons of oil in low-fat milk. Mmmm...sounds great. I'd be crawling the walls with hunger. Although it didn't specify HOW MUCH milk you could have. If that's all I get, I'll take a gallon. LOL!

    You can keep the bikini and I'll keep my food.

  8. found your blog, like it, added to my list.
    By the way. I am no primal diet since september, lost a bunch of pounds and never felt so happy and healthy in my life!
    Happy New Year!


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