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Posted on: Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sometimes it feels like there should be a support group for what I'm about to say..."I love L.A., yep, I do! I live in paradise in San Luis and can't imagine living anywhere else, but I do love a getaway to San Francisco or L.A., for the cities have a certain energy and endless offerings.

Ruby and I took a little overnighter recently. We visited disneyland one day and L.A. the next.

We woke up early and headed to The Grove--they have some great holiday decor. We had breakfast at DuPars Restaurant & Bakery...this place has THE best pancakes ever! It's a very old school diner that hasn't changed its philosophy since starting up in 1938. They have an early bird special that they charge you the price of the time you come in between 4-6. If you arrive at 4 :12, you pay $4.12! Love it.


Can you see Santa and his reindeer flying overhead?! There is snowfall throughout at dusk!

I love the way people dress to shop here--most were definitely on their game!

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There is an American Girl store here and these little ones take it very seriously!

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The Grove is connected with the Farmers Market. I remember my parents going there on their date drives. There are over 100 eateries/specialty foods under one roof. It is soooo hard to decide what to eat--the famous French dip, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, pastries, the list goes on, yummm. Ruby and I love the Cuban, there is always the longest line but it is sooo worth it.


We LOVE the shoe department at Nordstrom. Don't you feel like the shoes call to you sometimes?

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After spending the whole day at The Grove, we headed out feeling accomplished, and then we ran into this sign! The pop up sale is held at Hollywood High every Saturday morning. Ruby and I decided that it was fate and that we must check it out--we each had 30ish dollars left.


There were dealers with racks and tables, and what seems to be appearing a lot more nowadays--boutique trucks. It makes me want to have a Ruby Rose pop-up truck, what do you think?

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What a fun way to end the day! Ruby came home with a sweater, a scarf, and a pearl cocktail ring and I bought some boots, whew.

We are already planning our next trip--to a really fun exhibit at The Getty and a showing of Wicked which is back at the Pantages.


  1. So this is too funny....I was reading this thinking "this looks like a blast and should be my and Olivia's next weekend L.A. trip together." Then I got to your last sentence...and on our last girls' weekend down south we went to a concert one night, saw Wicked the next, and then spent the day at the Getty before heading home.

  2. Happy! Being from L.A. and newly transplanted to SLO I hear ya! Love it here but love it there too (the food, oh the food!) have you yet been to the Melrose Trading Post or the PCC Swap? Both are unique in their own way and full of vintage goodness.

    Now I am totally craving a farmer's market fix.

  3. yes we have been to those swaps and you are correct, they all have their own unique-ness. we are pretty lucky that we can get our food and vintage fix and come back to here!

  4. Thanks for the trip! Everytime I visit my daughter, who attends FIDM L.A, we visit the grove, eat at the Farmers Market and do Hollywood High... I LOVE Le Fashion Truck!

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