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Posted on: Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Earth laughs in flowers" --Ralph Waldo Emerson

It was a very long drawn out that I cursed, one that was too wet to get into the soil, one that is adios! So much happy happens in spring--green hills, Easter celebration, and yep, the garden takes hold!The "Big Payoff" is what i like to call it! Ralph, the earth is laughing!


With all the to-do lists that are constant, it seems that the garden is never at the top, but I have realized it is oh-so-necessary for the soul. This is the first year that help needed to be called in! Between my husband and I, we managed to revive and nurture our garden. Here's a peek.....

IMG_0618 IMG_0603hydrangeas,

the new rose that just arrived, creamy white with a chartreuse inside.

the queen of the garden

IMG_0614 sweet sweet peas

I think this is a form of vibirnum

the last of the lilac and snowballs for the season

and let's not forget some of the wildlife taking refuge!

What's growing in your garden?


  1. gorgeous photographs of your garden! Yup, sunshine very welcome, but let's get some warm temps again!
    Happy weekend!

  2. beautiful beautiful beautiful!! sweet peas are a favorite and i love the "grandma's garden" feel to your flowers. we're tropical out here on the coast and we've got banana's. for real...this is the second year in the a row that the banana palm has produced!


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