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Summers with Ruby

Posted on: Monday, July 2, 2012

This summer is going to be much different than summers in the past... 
We have spent most summers hooking up the trailer and hitting the road.


If we weren't discovering history or roadside attractions, we were junking.


Last summers the tides were a changing when Ruby announced that she was going to raise a pig and compete at the fair. Hmmm, OK. It turned out to be a lot of work and a lot of fun. 


This summer, she is going to spend a month at Berkeley. Hmmm, OK. Our offspring, families, and friends are all a changing. What can we do? Pull out the humor card and support card is what we have planned. This month we are going to re-group at Ruby Rose, re-organize and replenish.


We hope your summer is as you hope it to be!

Side note. Do I worry that Ruby and John will be a bit miffed that these photos were posted? 
Not a bit, as most of the family and close friends don't really fead what I write. They are there to keep it real.

Some Things Never Change...

Posted on: Friday, June 22, 2012

...and we are sooo happy for that.

Last week, Kathy was so very kind to share her 5 pound box of See's candy that she got for her birthday with us and all of our visitors. Thank you Kathy.


Phil, her very charming and thoughtful husband knows that she loves nuts and chews, and has the sales gal put together a box just for her. Thank you Phil.

Traditions are important...I'd say critical. We get up on saturday and there are yard sales, we eat turkey on Thanksgiving (this one I tried to change and it didnt go over so well), and there is See's candy for celebrations! Thank you See's candy.

I Love Lucy

When Ruby comes home from her summer away, we intend to sit her down with us and have her watch the episode of "I Love Lucy" when Lucy and Ethel work in the candy factory. There are some things we need to take responsibility for, and this is one, maybe we'll watch it with a box of our own.

Little Pretties

Posted on: Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Before the birth of this little shop of ours, there was a lot of time spent in the the dirt. The garden has gone through a lot of changes with yard art, styles of furniture and different kinds of flowers that we have tried to grow. Some took, others, not so much.  

This years blooms (minus the very lackluster lilac year in SLO) were over the top beautiful. One of the reasons the garden is more full this year, is the benefits of shrubbery. A lot of flowering shrubs filled in spaces that were a challenge--they are literally no maintenance.

untitled folder5

Ever wonder where all the broken and chippy concrete art goes? Our opinion is that it is no less beautiful. How does your garden grow? Send us photos!!

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