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The Weekly FIVE

Posted on: Monday, September 12, 2011

What we are serving up this week:

1. We have what we call grandmas corner--beautiful 7' curtain panels, favorite chair, pics and religious ornaments.IMG_8024

2. Keeping up with the linens--perfect chair and comfy pieces to cozy up to on these beautiful fall eves.


3. Bottles. They speak for themselves--some were filled with perfume, ink, liquid...what will you fill them with?



4. You asked and we delivered. Globes and maps are restocked.


5. These carriage doors needed to be shown--they are in excellent shape and ready for their next home.


We had a sixth but it sold. That is good news!

Art After Dark

Posted on: Sunday, September 11, 2011




Here in San Luis we have what's called Art After Dark. On the first Friday of every month, businesses around town host a local artist, showcase their art in store, and serve a little somethin' (sweets, treats, coffee, etc.) for the local community. We were so lucky to have Natellie Saia back for a second time around. Natellie's work is a perfect fit for us, as it mixes in effortlessly with our store.



The weather was a little chilly, but that didn't bother these guests...they just borrowed a blanket and continued to enjoy!


The beautiful music by Kendra and Nate was perfect! They came highly reccommended and rightly so! Are they not the most beautiful couple??


We have a handful of Natellie's art throughout the store for the next few months, just in case you missed the show.



Images by Jennifer Young of I ART U

Loading Fun

Posted on: Friday, September 9, 2011

We talk about shopping at flea markets and the thrill of the hunt. It never gets old--anticipating, arriving, shopping, shopping, and all of the comaderie with vendors and shoppers with like interests. When we go to Alameda, we take the truck and concentrate on furniture and home accessories because, for one, there are unlimited options, and two, the loading of the truck is pretty convenient for two gals. This is where the hard work begins!


When we get to this not-so-fun part, there are a lot of things to remember to take the stress out of this step.


1. Notes! It is so important to take good notes. For us, we like to shop row by row. We make purchases and also ask certain vendors if they will hold the large items until the end of the day (which they are always happy to do as this could make or break a sale). We then write a brief list--row, space number, and how much we paid.


2. Water, water, water...and the Feel Good Bakery! Before we go, Stacy will freeze water bottles so that we have cold water all day to keep hydrated. And the bakery? It does just what it claims, it makes us 'feel good'!!


3. The collapseable carts are perfect to carry the essentials and to pack all the smalls and breakables in. The more you can fit in these carts, the better. When they are filled, we take the booty to the car to unload, then enter again by showing our stamped hand. We are then ready for more!



4. When it is time to pick up the BIG items, we head to the loading area and pick up a cart. There are all different sizes and it is important to pick the proper size (it is so frustrating to wait for a cart only to see that someone is rolling away with one that only has a few items on it). On this particular trip, we had our list and loaded row by row.


5. Once all our purchases are picked up, we head back to the loading zone. One of us will then pick up our vehicle and head back to "the zone". One of the nice "loader men" will usually flag us in, or have you wait until a space is available. Once we get a spot, we bring our load to the car and start loading. And now for the awesome part...if you need, these nice men will actually help you load! We make sure to tip them accordingly. On this trip, because there was a lot, we tipped ten bucks. He was so grateful and made an extra effort to see that everything was secure and tied down. The way I see it, ten dollars is worth it--so that my husband will not be irritated at me that I bought that last piece!

Basically, regardless of what everyone else is doing, use your manners, ask for help, and the whole experience can be totally fun! Happy Flea Marketing!



Posted on: Thursday, September 8, 2011

I haven't looked at the Anthropologie catalog as an inspiration/coveting catalog for quite some time. I used to, and would also look forward to Tuesdays when they would put up new sale items on their website. Lately, the clothes seem to be tailored to tall and thin gals or over the top embellished. Much to my surprise, this months catalog put a skip in my step! The colors and styling is fantastic!

Loving the shots of wood, corrugated tin, brick and cloth--such great texture. The skirt pictured looks flattering with the band of white at the top. OK, and those boots!!! Santa, I've been good!
anthro catalog 2 & 3

Love the dress mixed with fall accessories, perfect with the season change.
The textiles look so similar to the gypsy rugs that we have in!
anthro 5

Oh my, oh my (times 5!)! Just when I thought I've seen the best, it gets better!!!

This is exactly how I look doing my laundry...
anthro 28

Oh my, once more!
anthro 29

Seriously, have you ever seen such vibrant and mixed use of color? Love!
anthro 31

Amazing embroidery on leather. I hope the sale price is half of half of a half!
anthro 34

These pictures and stylist have sent me to the moon!
anthro 42anthro 46 & 47

At Ruby Rose, we have always been a fan of linens. They play such an important part of putting a spin or detail to a room. We are committed to keeping a supply of linens year round--they are a perfect touch and change with each season. Looking forward to next months anthro catalog!

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